WHAT IS YOUR STYLE? This is the best question! My style is inspired by film. I love shooting wide open with dreamy bokeh (that awesome blurry background) and creamy pastel colors. I'm a non intrusive photographer. I allow my couples to have intimate moments and real connections rather than lots of posing. However I'm always able to assist if couples are not used to being the attention of the camera! 

I'M NOT A MODEL, CAN YOU HELP WITH POSING? Yes! I have a posing guide that I usually send out to clients to get some ideas. A lot of the time during sessions we come up with different poses that suit you the best. I'm a relaxed person and love to laugh, so my sessions are always fun and full of conversation in between shots. 

HOW MANY PICTURES WILL I RECIEVE? The number of photos vary by session. Usually I shoot between 70-80 photos per hour. For example, if I were to shoot a wedding for up to 8 hours, the number of photos you would receive would be between 450-600. I try to reduce repetition of images and ensure every photo is of the highest quality. 

CAN I HAVE ALL OF THE UNEDITED IMAGES FROM THE SESSION? For quality assurance, I don't release any unprocessed images. All of the images you will receive are edited and touched up. This means that all of the photos are the best possible! 

CAN I UPLOAD THE IMAGES TO SOCIAL MEDIA? Of course! The photos are yours to share wherever you like! However I ask that you please refrain from adding filters or altering your photos in any manner. This is also listed in my contract. I do this because the photos you receive are edited to my particular style and reflect my business as a whole. Adding filters or cropping images changes the coloring and composition of my work. Your photos are works of art! 

 WHAT IS A PERSONAL PRINTING RELEASE? These are legally granted rights to create personal reproductions of our work together, with no qualifiers on which printing company you choose to work with. The studio retains the copyright - which basically means I will try to get your images in a print or online publication!

CAN I PRINT THE IMAGES MYSELF? Yes. However I cannot guarantee the quality of your images if they are not lab printed. For example, Walmart and Target offer great printing prices but often colors do not come out how they are viewed on your computer or phone. When you receive your images I will include a preferred lab sheet that lists great printing services for a variety of prices.

DO YOU BACKUP THE IMAGES?  All of the images are backed for 10 years in the cloud as well as on my external hard drive. If for some reason you lose the link to your online gallery I would be happy to retrieve it for you! 

WHEN SHOULD WE BOOK YOU? You'll want to get a deposit down on your wedding date anywhere from 10-14 months out. This doesn't mean that I am 100% booked up if it's closer than 10 months out, but it means there is a higher chance of your date already being booked. Fill out the contact form today to confirm if I'm free for your date

HOW DO I PAY?  I'm am so excited that you are considering booking me as your photographer! To start the process you would email or call me to book your wedding date and I will send you a contract with a photography guide. There is a 10% booking fee that is non refundable to reserve your place which can be received through cash, check, visa, master card, or discover. For portrait sessions, payment is due the day of your shoot. For weddings, the price is broken down into 30% increments, the first being 6 months prior to the wedding. The second 3 months prior, and the third and final is due a month before your wedding date.